Mes: diciembre 2013

  • Born, the most fashion district in Barcelona

    Born, the most fashion district in Barcelona

    Born is clearly the most fashion district in Barcelona, one of the favourites for the tourist that decide to travel to our great city of Barcelona. It’s an old district characterized by narrow paved and illuminated streets with a bohemian touch. Also in the recent times is more known for its big gastronomic, cultural and […]

  • A walk through the streets of Barri del Born

    A walk through the streets of Barri del Born

    A walk through the streets of Barri del Born, little streets where we can find all kinds of shops, clothes, jewelries, wine coolers, museums, it’s ultimately a neighborhood with an unique style of Barcelona. With a variety of shops and corners really specials for the tourists and for the citizens.

  • Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón

    Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón

    On the top of Tibidabo is the Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón. This image is highlighted by the contrast of the luxurious red car and the spectacular monument.  

  • Casa Batlló

    Casa Batlló

    Night photography. Lights and shadows of a really magic house. The night photography is one of the most complex for the photographer, but one of the most grateful if the final result is optimum. 

  • Tibidabo lookout

    Tibidabo lookout

    Great panoramic from the lookout of the amusement park of Tibidabo. Spectacular views side to side of the city, the importance of a wide-angle in that snapshot is essential to reach the maximum of the city of Barcelona.  

  • Miramar lookout, Montjuic

    Miramar lookout, Montjuic

    Today we walk away from the center of the Ciudad Condal, to visit one of its lookouts where we can make one of the best snapshot of Barcelona, Montjuic, where we can also enjoy of the gardens and the well-known restaurant Miramar. Its one of the most wanted photographies for the tourist that show us […]

  • Details of Barrio Gótico

    Details of Barrio Gótico

    In the adjacent streets in Barrio Gótico we can appreciate people of different races and cultures, the mix of colours around the Cathedral, in Plaza del Rey. Little streets with an exceptional charm for the social photography practise, not only dedicated to the buildings and monuments, also to the personages that occupy them.

  • Plaça Sant Felip Neri

    Plaça Sant Felip Neri

    In Plaça Sant Felip Neri, as a result of bombings, there were 42 mortal victims, mostly children that were students of a school which basement roof was plunged where they were took cover. Nowaday we can appreciate clearly the impacts of the shrapnel in the lower part of the church’s frontage, curiously near of those […]

  • Fountains of Barcelona

    Fountains of Barcelona

    Photography of a detail that you can find in some fountains of Barcelona. Mostly you can enjoy them in neighborhoods like Born and Gothic or in avenues like Las Ramblas.

  • Passeig de Gràcia

    Passeig de Gràcia

    Passeig de Gracia is one of the mean streets of Barcelona and one of the most famous of Cataluña. Its touristic value, the best trademaks of the world fashion and the presence of well-known buildings of modern arquitecture, with Gaudi and Lluis Domenechi Montamer as big referrals, make this street an inescapable walk for citizens […]