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  • Barcelona Black&White

    Barcelona Black&White
  • Details of Port Vell

    Details of Port Vell

    Today we show you another image from the Port Vell, in this time using a wide angle. We can use several resources that help us to improve the scenario, as the character, the colours beside the sky contrast and the stone of the dock. That details make a photography with a perspective really interesting.  

  • Details of Barrio Gótico

    Details of Barrio Gótico

    In the adjacent streets in Barrio Gótico we can appreciate people of different races and cultures, the mix of colours around the Cathedral, in Plaza del Rey. Little streets with an exceptional charm for the social photography practise, not only dedicated to the buildings and monuments, also to the personages that occupy them.

  • Fountains of Barcelona

    Fountains of Barcelona

    Photography of a detail that you can find in some fountains of Barcelona. Mostly you can enjoy them in neighborhoods like Born and Gothic or in avenues like Las Ramblas.