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  • Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking

    Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking.. Another step more in our progress in Phototour Barcelona. Some days ago we began to share with you our favorite photographs of the city of Barcelona. Now we want you to be capable to make them by yourself That’s why from today, all the photographs that we […]

  • Life is beautiful!

    Life is beautiful! Mostly on Friday! Even if in Barcelona today is a grey day it has to be not important for our lens, it is a real opportunity to capture moments really specials. Enjoy of the weekend and of that beautiful film sky! Even if it’s a horror one!  

  • Blurring the World trade center

    Today we show you another image from the Port Vell, in this time using a wide angle. We can use several resources that help us to improve the scenario, as the character, the colours beside the sky contrast and the stone of the dock. That details make a photography with a perspective really interesting.

  • A walk through the streets of Barri del Born

    A walk through the streets of Barri del Born, little streets where we can find all kinds of shops, clothes, jewelries, wine coolers, museums, it’s ultimately a neighborhood with an unique style of Barcelona. With a variety of shops and corners really specials for the tourists and for the citizens.

  • Lights

    Lights…One of the primary needs to photograph is the light, in that image we can appreciate some warm lights for the time factor. We have to keep it in mind if we want to make pictures with excellent results, that added to the reflexions in the water and the background foci, give a calm and […]