Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking

Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking..

Another step more in our progress in Phototour Barcelona.

Some days ago we began to share with you our favorite photographs of the city of Barcelona. Now we want you to be capable to make them by yourself

That’s why from today, all the photographs that we share with you will have a little long text with three distinct parts.

The first one will be the description that we usually write. A short and simple text that place us where we have captured the snapshot, the moment and/or the conditions.

The second one will include our technic notes that allow us to reach the result that you can see in the photograph. Details about the speed, the diaphragm, the depth of shield, that have to be always keeping in mind. All together to the valuation of the difficulty itself, determining them as «Level 1″, Level 2», «Level 3». It is a personal and subjective view but it can help to adapt your challenges to your experience and ability.

In the third and last part we will include some notes of our creative point of view that we think they are necessary and essential in our concept of photography. The implication and the dedication of the photographer performing a snapshot will be crucial for the final result.

We want to share all our knowledgement with you, that’s why we ask you to share it with everybody that like the photography, the city of Barcelona or just enjoy with a good photograph occasionally.

Thank you so much!

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