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  • Barcelona Black&White

    Barcelona Black&White
  • On of our Barri Gòtic Photowalks

    On of our Barri Gòtic Photowalks

    Some of the things that you can learn at the same time you make a Photowalk with us: Light, Whites´ balance, diaphragm and speed, settings, composition, and more things. You can see here some of the pictures of our customers while they make the tour on the streets of one of the more wellknown districts…

  • Sagrada Familia

    Sagrada Familia

    Another place you can not miss on your travel to Barcelona is the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. It is still under construction but is really awesome. If you wanna enjoy its amazing details we suggest you to use a telephoto lens.

  • Around the Cathedral

    Around the Cathedral

    The adjacent streets of the Cathedral are an improvised scenario for street musicians and songwriters with great skills of music and voice. In the background we can see the most well known balcony of Barcelona in Bisbe street, that joins Plaça Sant Jaume and the religious center of the Catedral de la Santa Creu y…

  • Plaza Sant Felip Neri

    Plaza Sant Felip Neri

    We arrive to Sant Felip Neri square, an adorable corner full of peace and calm in the middle of Barri Gotic. With its fountain and its church, we can see one of the most mitic squares because of its charm and known history in the city of Barcelona

  • Calle Sant Felip Neri

    Calle Sant Felip Neri

    We go on with our walk through the streets of Barri Gòtic exactly Sant Felip Neri street, that ends in the well known square with the same name. I took advantage of the scene of these two tourists in the hotel Neri to give a little more atmosphere to the environment  

  • Barri Gòtic

    Barri Gòtic

    Happy Wednesday to all of you, the Barri Gòtic is here!!! We start with strength with a photography with artistic nature because its composition, searching the reflex of the water to show one of the mitics streetlight of the zone. As counterpoint we wait for the steps of a walker that help us to give…

  • Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking

    Walker, there’s no road, road is made walking.. Another step more in our progress in Phototour Barcelona. Some days ago we began to share with you our favorite photographs of the city of Barcelona. Now we want you to be capable to make them by yourself That’s why from today, all the photographs that we…

  • Port Vell

    Port Vell

    Images of the authentic Port Vell, from its sailboats to an old moorage or an elegant wooden sailboat that is anchored in the water of Barcelona. These are one of the last photographies that show us the charming of the Port Vell of the Ciudad Condal.

  • Life is beautiful!

    Life is beautiful!

    Life is beautiful! Mostly on Friday! Even if in Barcelona today is a grey day it has to be not important for our lens, it is a real opportunity to capture moments really specials. Enjoy of the weekend and of that beautiful film sky! Even if it’s a horror one!